TAS - Transmission spectra with Atom-Surface interactions documentation

A Python package tas calculates transmission spectra through optically thin slabs of atomic vapours contained in spectroscopic cells including important effects of thin cells:

  • two closely spaced walls of the spectroscopic cell act as low-finesse cavity for driving light and emitted light;
  • atoms colliding with the cell walls depolarise, and their subsequent transient dynamics also changes transmission spectra; finally
  • atom-surface van der Waals interaction induces level shifts. For thickness smaller than λ/(2π), where λ is the wavelength of the strongest dipole allowed transition from each of the two energy levels whose transition spectrum we explore, the shift of the transition energy is \(\propto C_3/R^3\), where \(C_3\) is van der Waals constant for given atomic transition.

Generated spectra can be used for fitting results of atom-vapour laser spectroscopy to obtain strength of \(C_3\) for atom-surface interactions. Detailed documentation follows bellow. For detail on the physics and measurements please cite original paper.


Authors:Tom Peyrot and Nikola Šibalić
Version:0.0.1 of 2019/04/17